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News from Alma Libre Bookstore - Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Year 09 Issue #5 - April 2011

Alma Libre Vacation Rentals


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In this issue:

Bookstore Closing (for the season) May 1


News From Puerto Morelos

Spring & Summer

Once May 1 rolls around, the price of accommodations in Puerto Morelos drops. The town is less busy, the beach is quiet. The ocean is calm and warm and the visibility clear. Days are sunny and breezy. It's a nice time to be here.

Our rental places have good availability in the summer and our prices drop as low as $399/week. We have other places to stay on our rentals web page. You can be on the beach or off...you will always be close to the water.

Summer is a great time to do anything on or in the ocean. Fishing is the best of the year. Snorkelers and divers will enjoy calm, warm water teeming with fish. Whale sharks will make their annual appearance nearby.

Low prices, no crowds and beautiful beach and ocean. Why not make the trip?

Please send our newsletter and the bookstore website to your friends and family. PoMo can use some more friends!

The End is Near

The season has whipped by us again this year and soon we will be putting the bookstore away for another summer. Our final day will be Sunday May 1.

We plan to travel back to Calgary (via Central Mexico), do some work in our old business (television production) and buy as many books as we can for next season.

We will open with fresh stock in November and do it all again next winter.

It's been a tough season here in PoMo. Our business and most others we surveyed suffered some loss of business due to the world economy and some people's misplaced fear of Mexico. (Puerto Morelos and the Riviera Maya remains a very safe place to be.)

Many thanks for your support this year. We receive a pile of compliments every day for our website, the questions we answer daily in the store and our cheesy newsletter, but it is the selling of the books that actually keeps the whole thing running. We thank you for your support and patronage. We will miss our bookstore every day that we're away and we look forward to seeing you next season. Gracias!!

Special thanks to "The Girls", Daphne & Miki whose friendship, kindness and expertise we could simply not do without. Mil Gracias Amigas!

Looking for Books

When we are back in Canada and on the road we are always looking for books. It takes thousands of books each year just to maintain our stock and keep our shelves full. To that end, we are always looking for new sources for books.

If you know of a good place in your city to get quality used books, we'd like to hear from you. It could be a good "Friends of the Library" type store or an annual rummage sale or anywhere we might get books for the shop. We buy the vast majority of our books each summer in Calgary and then wherever we can find them on our long annual drive to Puerto Morelos. We'd like to "expand our horizons" a bit and get some more libros from different sources. If you think you know a place we should check out, please let us know. Gracias!

Mexican beer. The Great, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. (in my opinion!)

Beer lovers will be very happy in Mexico. There are many brands to choose from and many will be familiar to beer drinkers around the world.
I count myself as a beer lover and though I am no expert, I do have plenty of experience and plenty of opinions. Here is my take on Mexican beer.
Disclaimer: The following is my opinion only. I tend to like darker beers, so I am favouring them here. I think light beer is a crime against society and consider anyone bringing Coors light or Bud anything into my home an act of war. I would love to hear your opinions, please email with your faves.

The Great:
Noche Buena: Unfortunately only available around Christmas. This is a darker bock with a full body and dry sweet taste. Available only in cases of 12 bottles. I stock up and am still sipping my last bottles in February.
Negra Modelo: A darker brew. Nice taste. Best in the evening, not in the sun on the beach. You don’t want to be “pounding” this beer.
Bohemia Beer: Brewed since 1900, Bohemia is a full flavoured, European style pilsner named in honour of the famous hop growing and beer brewing region of the Czech Republic. Not available everywhere.
Dos Equis Amber: The darker brother of the popular Dos Equis. (Dos Equis means two letter X’s which you will see on the label.) If you are lucky, you might find this on tap in a few places. Yum. This is my “go to” beer for most occasions, sun or shade. You will not run into it everywhere.

The Good:
Leon: Amber lager. Not heavy. Tasty and delicious cold. Hard to find in other parts of Mexico
Montejo & Victoria: Pale lagers. Nice taste.
Pacifico: Pale lager. Tastes crisp and light when at the beach. Very popular with the surfing crowd out west for years. Best to say “dude” when you order one.
Dos Equis Lager: The lighter brother of Dos Equis Amber. Crisp and light. You can have a bucket of these and still be able to do simple math.
Sol: Pretty similar to Corona, but better. Very light. Add a lime and drink it cold. Favoured by nine out of ten fishermen.
Tecate: A simple lager. Seems to be only available in cans. Often a little cheaper than other brands.

The Bad:
Corona: Proof that good marketing can overcome almost anything. This is the beer preferred by toasted tourists who do not know what else to ask for. I only know one Mexican who drinks this stuff, and since she is a good friend I will not mention her by name. Mysteriously served in a glass bottle, which makes it go skunky and warm on the beach in about 30 seconds. Stick a lime in it…maybe a handful of limes and drink it fast. Extremely light. You could drink a dozen of these and still fill out your tax forms…though you will make 90 or so trips “down the hall.”

The Ugly:
Corona Light: Now why on earth would anyone need a “light” version of Corona? Why not have “light water” instead?

Gone Fishin'

We featured this in a past newsletter, but with the Fishing Tournament season approaching, we thought we'd share it again. Our friend Kathy at Diving Dog Tours gave us this handy schedule to share with you of the Gran Slam del Caribe fishing tournaments. For more information and how you get yourself into the running, visit the Gran Slam del Caribe website. In the meantime, this handy calendar online, will tell you when to drop your line...or something like that. Note that there will be at least one more local fishing tournament, the Fishing Tournament "Don Andres Garcia Lavin"  May 27-29.


Bookstore Hours - We're open 7 days a week and longer hours!

We're not quite open 24 hours, but we are 7 days a week with the same hours. 10:00am to 3:00pm and 6:00pm to 9:00pm every day. Even Sunday! Please note that we are closed daily between 3 & 6. Even we need a siesta! We are hoping to keep these hours right until our last day of the season May 1.

Special Book Orders

We have finally found a supplier who can do the impossible, get books to us reliably in Puerto Morelos. We can now order most any title and receive it at the bookstore in about a week at a surprisingly low cost.

We are ordering new books for the store about once a month and we can bring in books for you too! Depending on the number of books you order, shipping and duty will be between $3 and $5 US per book. There is no sales tax or any other fees. This is much quicker and cheaper than any other source we have found, including Amazon.
Our next order will be in October/November. To order, just contact us to make sure we are able to get the book.



Taxi Rates

The taxistas have done a nice service for the town. They have posted all their rates on a great big sign beside the taxi stand in the square. This is a great move and should help to eliminate any misunderstandings. Check the sign, confirm the rate with the driver and there will be no surprises. Here are some highlights (fares from the square).
20 pesos - The highway, Villas Morelos, Amar Inn, PlayaSol, Casa de los Viajeros, Villa Shanti
40 pesos - Ceiba, Rancho Sak-Ol
45 pesos - UNAM
50 pesos - Jungle Market/Spa, Villas Morelos II, Crococun, Botanical Garden
130 pesos - Playa Secreto
150 pesos - Central Vallarta
300 pesos - Airport
600 pesos - Xel-Ha
2000 pesos - Merida/Chetumal

Click here to see all the rates.
Seeing Spots?
We've changed our pricing system on used books at Alma Libre Bookstore. Instead of penciling in the price on the first page of the book, we've switched to a "dot system". Each used book will have a brightly coloured dot on the spine. The dot represents the price of the book, we have price guides all over the store. The dot system allows us to keep up with the fluctuating peso. We used the opportunity to lower our prices on hundreds of books all over the store. Check us out!


Plug the Bookstore on Trip Advisor

Our town and bookstore have been discovered by a lot of visitors to TripAdvisor.com. We lurk at the site ourselves and try to help visitors discover Puerto Morelos and correct some of the crazy misinformation that often comes up on the site. If you like Alma Libre Bookstore, please write a review for us on Trip Advisor. Any review will move us up in the "Puerto Morelos Things To Do" list, and a positive review might help bring more folks into the bookstore!

Visit our profile and give us your honest review here or use the box to the left. We appreciate your support!

Many thanks to those of you that have already wrote us glowing reviews. Thanks to you our stock has risen!


Jungle Market / Jungle Spa

Big things are happening in the Jungle again this year. Sandra and the Jungle Spa women have been rubbing visitors the right way all season long. They are coaxing all-inclusive visitors out of their plush prisons to enjoy a taste of Mexico and life in the jungle.

The new palapa they have been saving money for all year is now completed, so they can handle more guests in more comfort. The palapa is in a peaceful spot surrounded by nature.

The famous Jungle Market will end Easter weekend. The market features items that are specially made by local families. You can't get these things anywhere else! Be sure to come to the market hungry, because the food is always the highlight. New! You can take a special taxi to the Jungle Market on Sunday at 10:00 am from the Hotel Posada Amor just south of the square. There will be a collection of taxis to take you to the Jungle Market at the special rate of 10 pesos per person. If you go on your own, the price is 50 pesos for up to 4 persons in one car.

Easter Sunday will be the last Jungle Market this season.

The Jungle Spa has been so popular, they have expanded the days that it is open and are requesting that people make appointments either by telephone or email. This will ensure you don't waste any time waiting for your treatment. The spa is open all summer long.

To make an appointment, contact Sandra at (998) 208 9148 or Cell 044 998 180-5424 or by email through her website. Appointments are available Tuesday-Saturday and limited appointments may be available on Sunday. The spa is closed on Monday.

Many treatments are available, from manicures and pedicures to a luxurious aloe vera and banana leaf wrap and massage! (or a chocolate massage...does it get any better??) For men, there is the "Mayan Macho" massage. You've never had a massage like this! They even have special massages for young adults.

Spa prices are much lower than you will find at your resort and proceeds go directly to the Mayan families that work at the spa and Jungle Market.

It's easy to get out to the jungle by car, taxi or collectivo. It's on Calle Dos (kie-yay dose) in the Zona Urbana, which is right behind the Colonia. Here's a map you can print out. Taxi to the jungle from the town square is 50 pesos. A taxi from nearby hotels is 150 pesos or $12 US each way. Tell driver you want to go to: Jungle Spa - Sandra (important to mention her name) Zona Urbana.

Remember, when you pamper yourself at the Jungle Spa or buy a unique gift at the Mayan Market, you are directly supporting Mayan families! This is a very worthwhile venture and we hope you will support it.

Money Matters

New anti-money laundering laws here in Mexico require exchange houses to record your passport number to exchange US cash for pesos. You will need a copy of your passport to exchange cash at any exchange place in Mexico.

Just a reminder to visitors that there is no place to cash traveler's cheques in Puerto Morelos. The easiest way to get pesos is at the HSBC ATM (ABM) beside the supermarket on the square. If it is out of money, there is another machine in the 7-11 by the gas station. There are also three ATMs in town that are not affiliated with banks. Two are at the mall across the square from the bookstore and another is at OXXO. Since these are not affiliated with a bank, the fees are much higher than the HSBC machine.

If you wish to cash a traveler's cheque, you can do it at the airport or in Cancun or Playa del Carmen. You will need your passport to cash a cheque.

Facebook & Twitter

Are you on Facebook? If so, look for our Facebook groups. Friends of Puerto Morelos & Alma Libre Bookstore. You can also buck up your friends list by making Alma Libre Bookstore your friend.

You can also like Alma Libre Bookstore.

The groups have grown very quickly! Friends of Puerto Morelos just passed 860 members! If you are on Facebook, please join our groups. We'll use them to keep you up to date with town news between newsletters. Check out the group for new photos of Puerto Morelos, taken by fellow visitors!

And if that is not enough for you...you can also follow us on Twitter. This is our twitter home page. You can follow us throughout the day.


Home and Condo Rentals

Summer in PoMo! We still have some homes and condo rentals available for spring & summer. It you have never stayed in a private home or condo, you are in for a wonderful experience. You have all the comforts of home on your vacation. All you have to do is bring your clothes and toothbrush! Everything else is included from towels and linens to hammocks and blenders.

Many ex-pats have built their dream homes here in PM and are willing to rent it to you! Renting a place makes you feel more like a local and offers the convenience of cooking for yourself and much more privacy.

Regular Beach Readers know that we feature some of these properties on our website. There are a gazillion property rental sites out there, but our site is unique because these are properties we know, owned and run by people we know and trust. We like to think we take the guesswork and risk out of renting.

We're always adding new properties to the site and new photos too!

Check out our new, easier to navigate rentals page here.

One bedroom or two? Your choice!

This giant suite can be rented as a one bedroom/one bath with a fold out couch, or as a two bedroom two bath. Each bedroom has it's own outside door to allow entry or exit without disturbing others.
It has a full kitchen with pots and pans, dishes and cutlery, plus appliances like coffee maker, toaster and juicer. Dinking water is included as well as cable TV and wireless internet. The suite features a huge terrace with table and chairs and comfy hammocks. All this from $650 a week in season, $450 starting in May!
Click here for more information and pictures!

Huge, Bright, Breezy One Bedroom

A big one bedroom, two bath with a loft. The loft has a fold out couch and curtains for privacy. The couch in the living room also folds out into a bed.
Off the bedroom and the living room is a HUGE balcony with table and chairs for four and a comfy hammock.
Of course there is a full kitchen with pots and pans, dishes and cutlery, plus appliances like coffee maker, toaster and juicer. Dinking water is included as well as cable TV and wireless internet. $675 a week in season, $499 starting in May!
Click here for more information and pictures!

Watch a short HD video about this apartment

Your place, steps from the best beach in town!

Economical one bedroom one bath on two levels from $399 a week

Comes with a full kitchen, full bath, enormous bedroom and balcony

Watch a short video about this apartment

Click here to download a printable info sheet on the above three apartments

*By the way, it is not too early to start thinking about 2012. We are already booking next Christmas and February, March 2012. Don't miss out!

Check out our new, easier to navigate rentals page here.

Owners! Contact us to get your FREE listing on our website.

Home and Condo Sales

If you have ever thought about owning a piece of paradise, this may be your opportunity. Some prices have actually come down, something we have not seen in nine years of living here. Properties are starting to sell now, several have moved in the last few weeks, so don't miss out.

Here are a few places we are featuring:

New Listing!

2 bedroom / 2.5 bath condo with spectacular view

Just on the market, this condo is just a year old and features a spectacular, third floor view of the ocean and beach.

Small condo complex (10 units) features swimming pool, elevator, security guard & parking.

Have a closer look

3 bedroom / 2.5 bath beach home!

A stand-alone single family residence, on the ocean fronting a small quiet cove. This is a recently built (2007) two story home with 2200 square feet of living area and in addition, a walled in private rooftop sundeck.

The house has 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, living, dining, kitchen, and laundry room, an outside storage room, and a downstairs oceanfront sitting porch and patio.

Included on the property is a complete separate suite that can be used as servant's quarters, or a guest house.

Separately titled adjoining lot is also for sale, walled and ready to build on.

Have a closer look

3 bedroom / 3.5 bath - 3 story townhome

Now fully furnished & price reduced

Fully detached home is part of an established, well managed townhome community. (total 12 units) with swimming pool.

The pictures don't show it, but this place is fully furnished with everything including appliances and pots and pans. Bring your toothbrush, everything else is included.

This well-built 270 m2 = 2,700 square feet home has three stories and a large sundeck

Click here for a closer look


Find more places on the PoMo real estate section of our website: http://www.almalibrebooks.com/realestate.htm

Wallpaperfree Free Gift From Alma Libre Updated for May & June New Size! 1680x1050

For those of you still stuck up North, bring a small piece of Puerto Morelos to your home or office with our new Puerto Morelos Wallpaper. Beautiful of course, and practical too with May and June calendars built right in. This month's wallpaper is a view of the beach just north of town. We'll have new wallpaper at the end of the month.

We'll have new pictures available for download every month! Wallpaper is also available on our website at www.almalibrebooks.com.

Pick your wallpaper size:

1680 x 1050 1280 x 1024 1024 x 768  800 x 600 1600 x 900  CLICK HERE FOR WALLPAPER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS


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News Briefs

Restaurant News: Very sad to report the closing of two landmark restaurants in Puerto Morelos.

Hola Asia closed April 17. Owners Liza and Miguel are going to focus on their other businesses, catering and managing their beautiful rental villas in Playa Secreto.

Mama's Bakery has closed as well. Owner Diane is going to work with animals in our area and will be authoring a children's book. We are very sorry to see such long time restaurants close in PoMo. Please support your local businesses!

A new restaurant will open immediately in the same Hola Asia space with the same menu and staff. It will be called Asi Aki, and will be run by Ana, who managed Hola Asia at one time.

A new restaurant just popped up beside the church. They don't even have a sign yet, but they opened to take advantage of Semana Santa crowds.

John Gray's Downtown in Cancun is no longer being run by John Gray. It continues to operate. Gray continues to run John Gray's Kitchen in Puerto Morelos and John Gray's Place in Playa del Carmen.

Casa Maya, the landmark house featured in the local book "Where the Sky is Born" just north of Ceiba del Mar hotel has sold and is now owned by Canadians from our province of Alberta.

Costco in Cancun has finally started charging for parking. Keep your parking stub and give it to your cashier at Costco and you will get free parking. A lot of restaurants have opened recently near Costco and were using their lot for their clients. The upside is that there are a lot more spots now!

Wal-Mart and US cash:  I reported in last month's issue that Wal-Mart on Nichupte Avenue had posted signs saying they would no longer accept US cash after June 10. I have not been back to that Wal-Mart lately, but I did notice this past week that no such signs exist at the old downtown Wal-Mart. I will continue to investigate. Here's a link to a picture of the sign.

Yucatan Ferry: We reported in last month's newsletter that plans are in the works again to bring back a Florida to Yucatan ferry service. The operators are asking you to fill out a survey regarding your feelings about ferry service. You can find the survey on Amber's blog here. (opens in new window)

Play Ball! - Los boys of Summer are back! Los Tigres de Quintana Roo will be playing again in Cancun. It's pretty good quality ball, the seats are inexpensive and the food is fantastic. Seats start at just 20 pesos, the best seats in the house are only around 100. They have a website, click "calendario" to see their dates.

We also have soccer in Cancun. Atlante Futbol Club is having a good year. More info on their website here. Their stadium is near Costco.

More celebrity sightings in our area. Jennifer Lopez was spotted at Chichen Itza and Tulum filming a new video fro her song "I'm Into You." I haven't seen the video, but you can see some of the behind the scenes action on this website. This after Heidi Klum visited PoMo in February. See those pictures here.

Merida now has an English newspaper available in print and online. The Yucatan Times.

Quintana Roo's new governor, Roberto Borge Angulo makes a good impression on the town by fixing up the roads. He's only been in office since April 5. So far so good!

Paving - I may have to find something new to complain about as our street is now being paved for the first time ever. The new governor of the state visited our town just a few days ago and announced the project to pave selected roads in PoMo that were missed in the last paving blitz. As part of the announcement there was a photo op where the governor drove a roller for a few feet and posed with other construction equipment. Much to our surprise, that equipment then went immediately into service, ripping up our roads.

It was a painful process, with the first piece of heavy equipment accidently tearing out all our water lines within minutes of starting work. That was followed by truckloads of dusty fill being dumped and rolled flat using a huge vibrating roller. The vibration could be felt for blocks and actually broke one of our new water lines. Today they are laying asphalt. It will be a happy day when it's all over!

Need a housesitter in the fall? - We'll close the bookstore again for the season in early May and make our way back to Calgary and do some work again in the "glamorous" world of television production this summer. We're undecided what to do in the fall though on our way back to Mexico, so we're offering our services up as housesitters. We'll consider pretty much anywhere in North America. We have to be back in Mexico by early November. We'll take care of houses, dogs, cats, birds...pretty much anything but a child! Contact us if you are interested. We are trustworthy, clean and respectful of other people's liquor cabinets.

Bunch O' Booths: A lot of booths have sprung up around the square. Most of these booths are selling snorkel and fishing trips. Some are selling tours. Some are selling time-share or vacation clubs. Make sure you know the difference when you are talking to the person at these booths. If the price of a tour or trip seems too good to be true, there may be strings attached. Check out our Puerto Morelos Services page for good local businesses that will show you the sights right!

As we reported before, The Miami Herald Cancun Edition is no more. Look for a copy of the USA Today Cancun Edition at your hotel or convenience store. It's being put together by the same local staff. Check out the weekend edition for "Footprints" a special section devoted to the best in our area.

Did I miss any local news? Let me know!

This Newsletter is being sent to you on a new server. It charges us for each individual email that it sends out, so if you are receiving this email more than once, please unsubscribe the extra addresses. Because it charges us for each email, it is very careful to ensure all the addresses are valid. If it has trouble getting the email to you, it will delete your name and never send you another email. If you were receiving our email, but now you are not, try signing up again using the form on our web page. This "double-opt-in" system is much more accurate and should ensure you continue to receive this newsletter. You can try adding our email address to your contact list too, so that your spam blocker doesn't delete us. Gracias!

Don't hate us, we've added Google Ads to the newsletter in an attempt to cover some of its costs. We have no control over the ads that pop up, Google decides that, and we are in no position to tell them what to do! Please let us know though if anything odd shows up. Please note, these ads don't begin to cover our costs for this newsletter. If you like this newsletter, please support it by buying books at Alma Libre. Gracias!

Current Exchange Rates (At the exchange in Puerto Morelos)
USA Dollar 11.00
CDN Dollar 11.00

This Just In! Books & Products at Alma Libre

Read all about it!

We love to keep you up to date with the town, but it's books that pay the bills. Have a look at some titles at Alma Libre bookstore...

The Painted Fish and other Mayan Feasts

This book written by Sonja Lillvik, who founded the Cuzan Guest House in Punta Allen is memoir of a life in the land of the Maya told with food! This is a gorgeous book with more than 100 recipes (perfected in the Mayan Riviera and tested up north) and lots of glossy pictures of food and fun.

We ran out of these a week ago, but we now have a few in stock. Hurry in!

The Maya - Michael Coe

Just Updated! A perennial bestseller in the bookstore, this reader-friendly book is an excellent choice for those who want to learn about the Maya. Written by Michael Coe, recognized the world over at THE expert on the Maya, this book answers all your questions and then some. The best part about this book is that it is constantly updated, this volume is the eighth edition, and it just came out last month. The ink is practically still wet!

We also have Coe's "Mexico from the Olmecs to the Aztecs" in the store right now.

-A clear and intelligent description of the development and organization of Maya civilization. -- Natural History
-[Coe] has shown an outstanding ability in selecting and organizing his material. A pleasure to read. -- Antiquity

Casa Yucatan

A beautiful book showcasing the unique architectural style of the Yucatan...or to put it in another way, "A dazzling photographic journey, Casa Yucatan focuses on architectural elements, water spaces, and open-air living in houses both colonial and contemporary, including haciendas and coastal retreats. The Yucatan has undergone a remarkable restoration renaissance of late: ancient pyramids now share the dense jungle landscape with revived haciendas, and colonial homes boasting high-beamed ceilings and cool tile floors posture amidst elegant plazas and renovated nineteenth-century mansions."


Mexican Slang 101 - This book is the phrase book for those who want to really "talk the talk" and speak the way the locals speak. You'll find hip expressions like the proper way to say "cool" or "bummer", right down to the nastiest insults you can imagine. There is enough information in this book to be the life of the party, or get beaten up. Be careful how you use this book! Locally produced and available only at Alma Libre. Makes a great gift or gives you some training that Berlitz just is not going to give you! This book has quickly become a bestseller. Makes a great souvenir or gift.

A bargain at 65 pesos.

The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemmingway

There is no better place on earth to read this book than by the sea at Puerto Morelos. We quickly learned that lesson and so we import this classic from up north.

The last novel Ernest Hemingway saw published, The Old Man and the Sea has proved itself to be one of the enduring works of American fiction. It is the story of an old Cuban fisherman and his supreme ordeal: a relentless, agonizing battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream. Using the simple, powerful language of a fable, Hemingway takes the timeless themes of courage in the face of defeat and personal triumph won from loss and transforms them into a magnificent twentieth-century classic.

Puzzle books for the Beach - We have a great selection of puzzle books, especially made for the beach. We have New York Times crosswords especially made for a sunny day and a hammock. We also have a great selection of Sudoku books for the sand and surf. We also always have a deck of cards available at Alma Libre.

Latin Style - We are very excited to have this new decorating book in our shop. It's big and glossy and features lots of pictures to inspire you to bring Latin style into your home. Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque is a Columbian born interior designer with notable clients throughout the world. He has designed everything from private residences to trendsetting restaurants. This book also includes a Latin music CD! "This is a charming book full of color, and the quirky style of what the author calls "Latin Style". This is much more than just a decorating book. The author chooses pictures that give you a sense of what it would be like to experience Latin style." - Amazon Reviewer

Secrets of the Talking Jaguar is the story of the author's physical and spiritual journey from the south-western US to the highlands of Central America. There he becomes apprenticed to a local shaman who teaches Pretchel much about indigenous Mayan life and about life in general.

"This eloquent and expressiv<<<<<<<<<<e work. . .is highly recommended."—Library Journal

"Told with great honesty, insight, and generosity, Prechtel’s chronicle offers modern readers a privileged and rare glimpse into the complex and spiritually rich life of a contemporary Mayan village."
—Rocky Mountain News

Spanish Language Learning Software- Now available for the Mac! - Since moving to Mexico, Joanne and I have struggled with our Spanish, especially those nasty verbs. Now our friend Jacky has invented a fun way to learn your verbs. Her Amigos Spanish program has full conjugation for 700 verbs and helps you learn with tests and puzzles. The program is totally customizable, allowing you to focus on the verbs you need to know. Plus it's fun, so you will stick with it and learn those verbs. To expand your vocabulary, try Amigos Spanish Puzzles a program featuring word games with English clues and Spanish answers (or vice versa). The program comes loaded with 2500 words, and you can even add your own words if you like! Both programs are available on CD at Alma Libre Bookstore or download it at Amigos Spanish.

SPECIAL OFFER for Alma Libre Bookstore Customers

Cenotes of the Riviera Maya is the best book ever written about the cenotes in our area. Beautifully photographed, it could easily be called a coffee table book, but it is also has all the practical information you need to explore the cenotes whether you are swimming or diving. Many have drooled over this book, but the hefty (500 peso) price tag kept some people away. Now author Steve Gerrard has authorized us to lower the price. At 300 pesos, this book is an incredible bargain and it has been flying off our shelves.


If you drive in our area, you need a map! We have excellent and detailed maps of the Yucatan, the country of Mexico, Cancun city, Merida as well as Belize, Guatemala, Cuba and Central America. We also have souvenir-quality maps you can hang on the wall.

Maps are usually difficult to find in Mexico, but only if you are looking in the wrong place! Plot a course to the bookstore...if you get lost...ask for directions...


Postcards! We've added a lot of new postcards to our collection, including more underwater shots by "Dive Diva." We have the largest selection of Puerto Morelos postcards, and they are all exclusive to Alma Libre. We know because we make 'em! We also have blank greeting cards to cover any occasion you may wish to celebrate while you are in paradise.

Gift Certificates! A nice gift idea for someone who lives here is an Alma Libre Gift certificate. Available in any amount and can be used for new or used merchandise. We can accept payments from up north via Paypal.


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Photos of the Month

Fishing boats lined up near the PoMo dock.

Way out on the horizon, you may just be able to spot a big cruise ship leaving Cozumel.

These fun-looking beach toys are hanging in a shop ready for Semana Santa weekend.

Bunch O' Boats: If you have never been here for a fishing tournament, it may be hard to imagine just how many boats show up. This shot is from back in 2003 and shows just a few of the fishing boats stacked up and ready for action.



Photo of Alma Libre Bookstore in Puerto MorelosJust a reminder that we are open 7 days a week for the season. Our hours are 10:00am to 3:00pm and 6:00pm to 9:00pm EVERY DAY of the week. (Including Sunday) We are closed between 3:00pm and 6:00pm for siesta.

Our hours are always posted on the front page of our website at www.almalibrebooks.com.

We take trades every day, so our selection is constantly changing. If you are planning a trip down, why not bring some recent bestsellers to trade and check out our store, or plan to buy all your reading material at Alma Libre. We got you covered!

We look forward to seeing you in Puerto Morelos!

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